Planning your first day on the platform

So you've been approved to the Handy platform and have claimed your first job. Congratulations! Read some advice from top pros on planning for your first day.

Carol, Elianna and Zuria share their advice for planning your first day:

1. Plan your travel

Carol: "I use Citymapper or Google maps to plan my travel and transport the night before. I always plan to arrive ten minutes early to each customer in case there are delays."

2. Check you have all your cleaning supplies

Elianna: "I carry all my supplies in a wheely bag so it's easy to carry around. It fits all the cleaning products I need, plus cloths, swiffer, mop and a vacuum." (Click here for the supplies checklist)

3. Look at your customer's job deatails in the app

Zuria: "I think the best way to get great ratings (and earn tips!) is to make sure you know what each customer really wants. I always check the details of the booking the night before and take a look at the customer checklist so I know in advance what to focus on."

4. Watch the videos

Watch the videos to get tips and advice from real pros on how to make a great first impression with your customer, and make sure you're fully prepared for Day 1: