Meet Nicole.

She's a single mom from Brooklyn and a home cleaning professional on the Handy platform. Here's some of the feedback she gave us:

"Handy worked out just great for me, because I can set my own schedule"

"I'm trained as a dental assistant, but it's hard to find work, so I worked for a while as a janitor, but you know, it's not so good as it's in the evening and I like to be home to look after my girl"

"I love cleaning. I love meeting new people, I like seeing different home and it helps me save for my dreams"

"I'd like to go back to school in the future, so the money I'm earning from cleaning is helping me save to go do that"

"Because it's so flexible I can work my own schedule, and make way more money than I did before doing part-time"

"I'm so glad I found Handy, it's literally changed my life."

So you've been approved to the Handy platform and have claimed your first job. Congratulations! You're about to start an exciting journey towards being your own boss.

But what to expect from your first day?

Watch this video to get tips and advice compiled from some of the top performing pros on the platform to make sure you're prepared for Day 1.

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We asked cleaning professionals on the Handy platform which were their favorite songs to clean to!

What's yours?