How I made $800 in my first week on the Handy Platform

Soraya's 24, from New York. She's been on the Handy platform since September 2015. In her first week on the platform she made almost $800. We asked her to share her story.

“Oh, in my first week I made nearly $800. I bought my iPhone that week so I remember exactly how much!”

"My name's Soraya, I'm 24 and I live in the Bronx, New York. I joined the platform in September 2015 and I love it! 

In an average week I earn like five or six hundred dollars, depending how much I want to work. I love spending the money I earn on clothes and makeup - I'm obsessed with makeup! But I also help my mom out with rent and the bills. 

“My best advice to making great money is, always make a great impression with your customer. Then they’ll want you to clean again - and tip you!”


How I make a great first impression (& earn tips!)

To make a good first impression, and earn more tips, I always make sure I'm friendly and professional when I meet customers for the first time. I'll introduce myself when I arrive and ask them to walk me through the apartment to show me what they'd like me to focus on.

I always take my own cleaning products, but I'll also check if there's anything specific they want me to use. Doing a really good job is obviously the most important thing to getting 5 star ratings, but a smile also goes a long way towards making people feel good about the work you do for them. 

“I sometimes check the app 10 times an hour! There’s always new jobs appearing”

How I find the best jobs:

  1. Check the app 9 or 10 times a day. I sometimes check it 10 times an hour, I'm obsessed. There's always new jobs arriving.
  2. Turn on your notification button. If you want a job for today, turn on the notifications and you'll get updates as soon as there are new jobs in your area.
  3. Don't be afraid to claim jobs in other areas. If I don't see jobs in the Bronx, where I'm from, I'll pick 3 or 4 in one day in Manhattan and make a day of it.
Soraya loves to spend the money she earns on clothes and makeup

Soraya loves to spend the money she earns on clothes and makeup