How I got a $100 tip in my first week on the Handy platform

Cleaning professional, Zuria, is 21, originally from Maryland. She joined the Handy platform in January, and in her first 3 days received over $130* in tips from happy customers! Find out how:

Day 1: I claim my first jobs

I download the Handy Pro app and claim my first job. It’s a 3 hour cleaning in Bushwick for a customer called Alan. I live in Brooklyn so that was easy to get to. He has a beautiful home, and leaves me a $30 tip on top of my regular pay!

Day 2: I work out my own schedule

I always take a long time to get dressed in the morning. My mom’s always hassling me about it, but I love choosing outfits, so I have to leave time to dress! The night before I claim 3 jobs in the app for the day so I need to plan my travel. In New York you have to use public transport, so I leave extra time to make sure I’m early.

I do a long job in the morning in Fort Green for Amanda and then two shorter jobs in Manhattan in the afternoon. One of my customers cancels (so I got a $15 cancellation fee) AND then I claim another job from the app in the same area for that time - so bonus money!

Day 3: I get a $100 Tip!!

I arrive at my customer’s apartment in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, just before 7am. He just bought the apartment from another guy and oh boy is it a mess! He can’t believe I can clean it in 3 hours, and doesn’t even have cleaning supplies, but I was like, ‘Don’t worry, I got this!’.

I end up staying an extra 2 hours to get his place in shape (he adds the extra time on the app so I get the money directly), but he’s so happy. His mom even comes out and shook me by the hand she couldn’t believe how spotless it was, I mean it was clean to a ‘T’!

When I got home and checked my rating for the job on the app and saw he’d tipped me $100*!

I wasn’t sure if the platform would work for me but it’s great. Now I’m gonna try to get $100 tips every week!

Zuria's Top Tip!

My top tip for pros joining the platform is: time management is everything. I'm super fussy about what I wear, having my nails done and looking good for the day, so I factor that into my travel planning to make sure I arrive early to every job. My customers really appreciate that!"

*Tips not guaranteed. These results do not represent a typical experience.