Getting 5 Star Ratings & Earning Tips

Top pros, Dobi, Carol and Soraya, share their advice on how they get 5 star ratings from their customers - and earn tips!

1. Always be on time

Carol: "It sounds like such a simple thing, but being on time is something my customers really value. Often they'll be waiting to let me in and then have plans, so if I'm late it makes them late, and that's no good!"

2. Ask the customer what they want

Soraya: "When I go to a new customer for the first time, I always ask them to show me round the apartment and tell me exactly what they'd like me to focus on. Everyone has different things that are important to them, and that way I know I'm giving them the service they really want - so I always get 5 stars!"

3. Smile and be friendly!

Dobi: "Being friendly and greeting my customers with a smile makes all the difference to how they feel about my work - especially if it's the first time I've met them. I always introduce myself and ask them a bit about themselves so they feel relaxed."

4. Always have everything you need

Carol: "Some customers will have their own cleaning supplies, but many of them don't. So you need to take everything with you to do the job. I would never ask a customer to buy something for me, I always make sure I have everything with me." (Read more on supplies)

Want more tips? Watch the video on getting 5 star ratings: