Questions from pros, answered by pros

Cleaning professionals, elianna, ashlee and dobi, answer pro's questions in their own words.

1. How do I get customers?

Elianna: "You just open the app and it searches for jobs in your neighborhood. As soon as you see the jobs you want, claim them straight away. Sometimes you don't see jobs exactly in your area, so I'll claim 2 or 3 jobs on the same day on the other side of town, that way I do a full days work and it's worth the travel." 

2. How many hours do I have to work a week?

Dobi: "You can do as many hours as you want. I sometimes do 30 or 40, because I want to be the best I can and make the most money I can. But sometimes, if I want to take a vacation, I'll just do 10 or something."

3. Are there jobs near my home?

Elianna: "There's usually always jobs near me. But if I don't see something nearby straight away I keep checking the app, sometimes 9 or 10 times a day, as new jobs pop up all the time. If there are jobs available on the other side of the city I'll claim 2 or 3 jobs on the same day and go there for the day so I can earn more money and save on travel." (Read more on claiming jobs in other neighborhoods)

4. What happens once I click 'Claim Job' on the app?

Ashlee: "When you click the button it means the job is yours. So before I claim a job I always double check I can drop my kids off at daycare and have enough time to travel to the customer's house on that day." (Click here for more on claiming jobs)

5. What cleaning supplies do I need and where should I get them from?

Elianna: "I used to get my cleaning kits from Target but now I order them through Handy which has everything I need, so I just take the kit and my vacuum." (Click here for more on supplies)

6. Do I need a car?

Elianna: "I'm in New York so I don't use a car. Public transport is better, I use the Citymapper app to plan my travel." (Click here to download Citymapper)

7. Will I have the same customers every week?

Ashlee: "It depends. I have 5 regular weekly customers, then I pick up jobs from the app in between. I work between 8am and 5pm when my kids are at daycare so I choose the jobs that work for me."

8. How do I know the customer's name and address?

Elianna: "When you claim a job it shows you the neighborhood so you can plan other jobs nearby. Then the day before you can see the customer's name and address so you can plan your travel and let them know when you're on your way"

9. What happens if I have to cancel a job?

Ashlee: "If one of my daughters is sick I might have to cancel a job last minute and there's a cancelation fee. But if you claim a job by accident you can cancel straight away and there's no problem."

10. Is Handy my boss and do I have to go to the office?

Dobi: "No! I'm the boss, and I'm the best boss. There's no office to go to, I just open the app when I want to work and claim the jobs I want."

11. How much money do I get for referring my friends?

Elianna: "I've made $125 by referring 5 friends who now use the platform. You get $25 for each person after they start doing jobs."