Elianna: Saving Money on Supplies & My Other Top Tips

Elianna's 24, a mother of two, living in New York. she's been a pro on the Handy platform for over 3 years. we asked her to share her best pieces of advice for new pros.

1. How to save money: Buy concentrate supplies

It's really important you have all the supplies you need for every job. Sometimes customers will have spare supplies but you should really bring everything you need. A great way to save money is buy concentrated cleaning solution and dilute it at home yourself.

2. How to earn more: Check the app ten times a day

I have two kids who I take to daycare in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. So I can only do jobs between 8am and 5pm. Sometimes when you look at the app there aren't any jobs in your area / time, so you just have to keep checking. I sometime check it ten times a day to claim the jobs I want and earn the most money I can.

3. How to get 5 star ratings: Always ask the customer what they want

I always get the best ratings when I ask the customer what they want me to focus on. Some people want their floors to be spotless and things to look neat and tidy more than then want the dishes done. Other people don't want me to tidy, but just make sure every surface is dusted and wiped down. It just depends on the person, but if you ask, you'll do a better job for them.

4. How to get job satisfaction: Take pride in what you do

I love seeing people's reactions when I've finished the job. It's like I've really made a difference to their day and they look forward to me coming next time. I'm proud of my work and it makes me happy to do it really well.