Making Dobi's Dream Come True

Dobi's been on the Handy platform for 15 months. She's done over 1,300 jobs and has a 92% 5 star customer rating!

To thank her for all her hard work for her customers, we wanted to do something really special.

We interviewed her for an article on the Handy site, and when we asked her about her her dreams for the future, she told us her current number one dream in life was to see her favorite soccer team, Manchester United, play at their grounds, Old Trafford.

Watch the video to see what happened when we made this dream come true. 

Dobi's Top Tip: “It’s really important to me that I do the best job I can every time. And when I see small details I haven’t been asked to do, like change the sheets or clean the windows, I just do them without being asked. I think that’s what makes the difference for a customer feeling they’ve had a great service.”