How I make $125 / day claiming jobs on the other side of town

Carol is a cleaning professional in San Francisco. When she doesn't find cleaning jobs near her home she travels across the city and fills her schedule to make more money and save on travel.

“If I open the app and see all the jobs are all on the other side of town I’ll claim 2 or 3 in the same area and spend the day there so I save on travel.”

I live in Berkeley, in the suburbs of San Francisco. It takes me 1.5 hours to get downtown, where most of the cleaning jobs are, so I plan my schedule carefully to make the money worth the travel time. 

I probably open the app 9 or 10 times a day to find jobs in the same neighborhood and plan my day around them. Then I'll plan my train and bus routes so I know what my travel costs will be and how much I'll earn from the day.

Carol's day took her all the way downtown from her home in Berkeley.

Carol's day took her all the way downtown from her home in Berkeley.


I take the 7:12 BART train from my local stop, Ashby, Civic Center, downtown. From there it's just a 15 minute walk to my first job in the Mission neighborhood. It's $7.70 for a return trip on the BART train, so if I have more than one job in the city I can easily cover the cost.

8am - My first job: 3 hour cleaning for Leila

I arrive ten minutes before 8, so I message Leila to let her know I'm a little early. She's home so she offers me a cup of coffee before I start the job.

11am - I finish at Leila's and take the bus to Noe Valley for my second job

I hate being rushed, so I always leave an hour in between jobs to make sure I have time to get to the next house. Then I also have time to grab a snack or a drink. If it's nice weather I'll often bring sandwiches from home to save money.

12pm - My second job: 2 hour cleaning for Eric

I try to look for longer jobs if I'm traveling far from home. Ideally I'd do two 4-hour jobs, but sometimes that's not available so in which case I'll just claim what I find that works with my timings and location. I do a 2-hour cleaning job in Noe Valley area for Eric, and then get the bus to Potrero Hill for my final job.

2pm - I finish at Eric's and take the bus to Potrero Hill for my third job

My final job is another 2-hour cleaning. This one's a little further away, it takes me about 40 minutes on the bus, so I use the time to open the app and claim jobs for the next few days so I have the schedule I want. 

3pm - My third job: 2 hour cleaning for Amanda

Amanda lives in a beautiful apartment in Potrero Hill. I really love seeing different homes in different neighborhoods around the city, and meeting the people who live there. I do a really thorough job for Amanda and she asks if I can come every week for 4 hours - must be a good sign!

5pm - I head to the BART to travel home

It takes me about 1.5 hours to get home, but considering the money I've earned today it's totally worth the journey time. I check the app on the way and in the evening when I'm at home so I can claim all the jobs I want as soon as they're added to the platform.

Carol takes the bus between jobs and checks the app for new jobs to claim on the way.

Carol takes the bus between jobs and checks the app for new jobs to claim on the way.

Carol's Top Tips:

"My best piece of advice to new pros is: Claim the jobs as soon as you see them. It doesn't matter if they're far away, claim it and then look for another job in the same area to make the most of your day."

"Also, I always take photos on my phone of my bookings in the app so just in case I lose internet connection I have all the instructions on how to get into the customers house, and which areas they want me to focus on cleaning."