Questions from pros, answered by pros

Have a question about claiming jobs? Dobi, Austin and carol answer the most common questions, in their own words.

How many jobs should I claim in my first week?

Dobi: You can claim as many as you like, but it's best to claim at least 8-10 so you start to build up a good schedule for yourself. In my first week I did 19 because I wanted to make the most money I could!

How much money can I make in my first week?

Carol: It's up to you! If you claim a full week of jobs you can make as much as $600

What do I do if I can't see a job in my neighborhood?

Carol: New jobs arrive on the platform all the time, so keep checking! If you still don't see any, start by claiming 2 or 3 jobs in a neighborhood further away and spend the day there. You can make $125+ per day doing this. (Click here for more on making money in other areas)

What actually happens when I click 'Claim Job' on the app

Carol: When you click claim, you see a message asking you to confirm if you want to add the job to your schedule. If you confirm then the job is yours. You'll see it in your schedule for the week and on the day of the job you can click on it to see the exact address and customer's details of the booking. (Click here to see what claiming jobs looks like in the app)

When do I see my customers address and phone number?

Dobi: When you claim the job you can see the area the apartment is in, so you can plan your other jobs around it. Then on the day of the booking when you open the app you see the full address and phone number of the customer so you can get in touch with them if you need to.

Do I need a uniform or ID?

Austin: No, there's no uniform. You're your own boss, you can wear whatever you think is appropriate for the job. I always try to look neat and tidy. As a male cleaning professional, I carry my own personal ID, just in case a customer wants to confirm my name from the booking, but you don't need any special ID from Handy.

I haven't met anyone from Handy, do I need to?

Carol: No, you can just get started! Handy just helps you find customers, you don't work for them. I was a bit nervous when I first started, as I'd never worked for myself before, but once I got the hang of it, I realized it's much better for me. I don't have a boss telling me when and where to work, I can work around the other things in my life, like my family and my studies.

Do I need supplies before I can claim a job?

Carol: You don't need to wait to get supplies before you claim a job, just as long as you have them on the day you start. When I started I already had cleaning supplies at home, so I claimed a job for the very next day after I was activated. If you've ordered supplies through Handy, they take 1-3 days to arrive, so you can claim jobs that start 3 days later, or take your own. (Click here for more on supplies)