Meet Ashlee. She's 27, and lives in Phoenix with her husband and two daughters. She joined the Handy platform so she could earn money, set her own schedule and care for her family. Here's how she describes her typical day:

5:30 am - The alarm goes off. My husband works outside so he's usually left the house by 6am to get to work. I get up, get the house in order and get ready for the day.

6:30 am - My daughters wake up. They're three and four and a half years old so we play a game to get them dressed in time for daycare. My 4 year old refuses to wear anything but pink so we pick out something I can get her into wihout a fuss!

7:00 am - I drop the girls off at daycare. They have breakfast and lunch there and play with their friends. It's a great little center right by our house, so I feel really relaxed leaving them in good hands.

08:00 - I start my first cleaning job. I usually leave an hour between dropping the girls off just so I know I've got plenty of time to get to my customers' home. I'll typically do a 3 or 4 hour job in the morning and then have a break for lunch.

12:00 pm - Lunchtime! I usually get something on the go. My current favorite is the shrimp burrito from Phoenix Burrito House - I could eat those all day!

12:30 pm - I check the app to claim jobs for the next day. I check the app throughout the day to line up jobs for the week as I want to find the locations that work best depending on my week.

1:00 pm - I head to my next job. I try and claim jobs from the app that are in the same area, unless I have errands to run in another part of the city, then I'll plan my day around it.

4:00 pm - I run some errands downtown. I get groceries for dinner, get some things for the girls (theyalways seem to need new shoes!) and pick up some things for my husband's business.

4:30 pm - I pick up my daughters from daycare. We go home and have some playtime, they also love to help me prepare dinner.

6:30 pm - My husband arrives home for dinner. We have family time together before the girls go to bed.

8:00 pm - I open the app to check the details of my customers for tomorrow. I get reminders to my email too which is super helpful, but always like to make sure I've planned my travel time in advance.

9:00 pm - Bedtime! We're an early to rise, early to bed household so we're usually in bed by 9.30 most nights.

Ashlee's Top Tip:

I actually have two top tips!

1. Always ask your customer what's important to them. Some people would rather you made the bed perfectly rather than clean the inside of the fridge. If I ask then I know what they want and I get better ratings and feedback.

2. Buy concentrated cleaning solutions. You can get concentrate from any normal store. And one bottle will make up 50 spray bottles, it will save you loads of money, and time shopping!