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Being a professional on the Handy platform is like running your own business. You set your hours, you decide when you work, you decide how much money you earn. It's down to you.

Hear from pros around the world on how the platform works for them: read their stories, get their advice, and start your journey towards being your own boss.



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There are tens of thousands of professionals on the Handy platform around the world. Hear the real experiences of pros from New York to California, London to Vancouver and everywhere in between.



How I got $100 tip in my first week

Zuria shares her experience of week 1

Zuria joined the Handy platform in January 2016. In her first week on the platform she earned over $130 in tips from customers. Find out how she did it. Read more.

Moms on the platform: Ashlee

a day in the life of ashlee, mother of two

Ashlee joined the Handy platform in 2015 as a great solution to find flexible work that also allowed her to take care of her two daughters. Read about a typical day for her. 


How I save $ on cleaning supplies

hear from pros on saving money & other tips

Ashlee's been on the Handy platform for over 3 years. We asked her to share advice to new pros on saving money, earning more and getting job satisfaction every day. Read Elianna's story.

How I make $125+ per day

Carol describes a day in san francisco

Carol lives in Berkeley, a suburb of San Francisco. Hear how she claims jobs on the other side of the city to make more money and save on travel costs. Read Carol's story.

Hear why they love Handy.


Meet Desi, Karen and Shavar - moms, students and cleaning professionals on the Handy platform! Listen to what they love about the freedom and flexibility it offers.